Raven and Matt | A Hidden Meadows Wedding

I always love a sweet work romance love story! And that’s exactly what Raven and Matt’s story is. A
beautiful work romance that started off with this pair being just friends. This friendship quickly grew into
something more and Raven and Matt found themselves stepping out of the friend zone and into the
relationship zone. However; Matt stepped in when Raven and her kids needed him the most and he has
never stopped amazing her (or them!) since. In Matt, Raven’s children, found the father they never had.
And in Raven’s children, Matt, found a love and joy he never knew existed. From the moment this family
came together; both Raven and Matt knew their lives were meant to be as one.

The Proposal
Raven had always stressed to Matt that when a proposal occurred, she did not, under any circumstances,
want a big, elaborate, fanfare event. And Matt followed through with Raven’s wishes. It was the start of
the COVID pandemic, when everyone was at home, staying in with family that Matt popped the question.
To Raven, it was perfect. It was at home, with her, him, and the kids.

Hidden Meadows
Raven and Matt had an ADORABLE country wedding at Hidden Meadows in Afton, Tennessee. For
those of you who aren’t familiar with this rustic barn venue, Hidden Meadows is located on 45 picturesque
acres in Northern Greene County. Hidden Meadows is home to one of the oldest standing structures in
the area; a log house that is over 200 years old! Across from this log cabin is an old mill with a gorgeous
waterfall cascading down beside it. The waterfall flows into the “baptizing hole” where many baptisms are
still performed to this day. I was actually baptized there last year!

The Big Day
Raven and Matt had the PERFECT spring May wedding! For those of you who know Tennessee; the
weather in May can be slightly unbearable, however; it was unseasonably cool, crisp and sunny! I got
married in May of 2018 hoping it would feel like the weather we had on their wedding day, but it was a
warm 92 degrees on my wedding day!! Yikes…these two really lucked out in the weather department for
sure! But I have to be honest, even though the weather was perfect, the best part of the whole day was to see
Raven, Matt, Addison, and Jake, officially become one family. While these four were already a family;
and Matt being the best dad to Raven’s children, becoming one unit in front of God, friends, and family
was truly a special, meaningful moment for me. And I think this moment was special for every single one
of Raven and Matt’s guests as well.

Besides for this couple becoming one, there was another really remarkable moment. During the
reception, Raven’s dad showed her something really unique and special on her bouquet. Wrapped
around her bouquet was her grandfather’s last heart beat. This was such a touching moment as Raven’s
grandfather was an important part of her life and his presence was truly missed at her wedding.
Raven and Matt, it was an honor to be with you on your wedding day. Matt, I enjoyed picking on you
throughout the day. You were such a good sport any time I gave you a hard time. Raven, you are one
amazing person; both inside and out! And honestly, watching the four of you become one family will be a
moment I cherish forever! Finally, I wish you both a life of love, laughter, and happiness!

Alissa ❤️


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