Meet Alissa

make your memories unforgettable

My family has always told me that I have a special knack for bringing out the beauty in everything. In 2015, I took my aesthetic talents and passion for creating splendid moments to establish Alissa Jean Photography. My propensity for looking beyond what simply lies in front of us and expanding my view to the big, beautiful picture is how I began creating stunning, artful portraits. I love blending light and vibrance to create a glowing atmosphere around my client’s most memorable moments. Creativity really guides my work and allows me to imagine unique settings and produce beautiful portraiture. My most favorite moments to capture are golden hour photos shot in the last hazy rays of an absolutely amazing day. In the glow and flow of a bright sunset, I can really highlight the passion present in any couples eyes and every client’s smile. 

Living in rural East Tennessee with my beautiful family puts me in proximity to lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and trickling creeks that provide the perfect backdrop for my work. Raising my two children among all the blessings the stunning countryside has to offer has allowed me to cultivate an eye for nature and posing my clients seamlessly in any setting. When I tied the knot, I gained all the experience I needed as a bride to make the experience for any client a special occasion full of fond memories and fun festivities. From venues rustic to modern, antique to chic, I love creating timeless portraits that capture the true feeling and charm to any moment. 

Things that I love

-Crisp fall days
-Sitting on the couch in a clean house
-Freshly baked brownies on the counter
-A crisp coke in my hand
-My family and my faith
-The smell of fresh rain on the pavement from my porch
-A clean car
-A made bed with the windows open on a fall day  
-My children's laughter from the backyard

Alissa J Moore

the ajp difference 


The experience. If it is your Wedding, Engagement, or Family Portrait session, you can guarantee your portrait session experience will be like no other.

What sets Alissa Jean Photography apart from the rest?


I will guide you into the most flattering poses during your session so that we never miss a beat. Once you nail these poses, the rest of the session will flow effortlessly. 


Dual Card Slots & backups. I have invested in a camera that writes to TWO different cards & protects your memories. So no matter what, I have TWO copies of every single image I take on your wedding day or during our session. Once I get home, one of the cards goes into a safe and the other I import and backup to the cloud. Your memories are safe with me 💕