Romantic Downtown Bristol Night Wedding

This weekend, we kicked off our fall wedding season with a night wedding in downtown Bristol! Technically the venue is in Bristol, VA, but on the yellow lines right in from of the venue you’ll find the Virginia & Tennessee state line! Megan & Adam had their ceremony on the rooftop of Warehouse 817, but were officially married on the Tennessee side of the state line. Time stood still as the traffic stopped and all of their friends and family watched from the rooftop.

Megan & Adam’s night was a perfect reflection of two people becoming one. Megan planned every detail and it shows! The pompous grass was a perfect touch, and one I had never seen before! From the start of the evening to the very end, there was an undeniable feeling of joy all around us.

I won’t lie, out of the 20+ wedding I am shooting this year, this was one I was a little nervous about. If you have ever seen my website or any of my work, you know I love the sun. I love creating light, bright and airy images. So this was a challenge. But I really surprised myself & I love these images!

I have never shot a wedding completely at night. Of course it is usually night time at receptions, but family formals, bridal portraits AND the ceremony at night?! I’m not afraid to admit I was a little nervous. I am not a fan of the look that flash gives. So knowing that I had to shoot their entire day with flash, worried me. But within the first hour, I knew everything would be fine. I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome, and I can’t wait to share these images!

Megan & Adam, thank you for allowing me to capture the start of your incredible love story. What an honor it was for me to be able to capture the raw, pure joy the two of you embody. Here are just a few of our many favorites from your beautiful day!




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