Jackson | GHS Class of 2019

I had the pleasure of working with another GHS Senior! Jackson Metcalfe is a Greene Devil, and won the State Championships TWICE in his four years! I have a special place for these Seniors, because Greeneville High School is my alma mater! I graduated from GHS in 2016, so I am a forever Devil’s fan.


Fun fact: I LOVE shooting sporty senior photos. But I don’t like sports! I didn’t play sports, I don’t watch sports & I have no clue what’s going on during them. Bahahaha! But I love getting out where they spend their time and shooting. Maybe I’m living vicariously through them? Or maybe I just love the confidence & happiness that shines through during their session 💕

After we left the football field, we headed down to the school. You may recognize this location from the other two GHS seniors I have done. The curved glass create amazing lighting! It’s like a softbox down by the cafe 😂


Can we talk about how HUGE these championship rings are?!? Holy. Cow.




Alissa J Moore


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