A Beautiful Spring Engagement

So I know I say this all the time, but this may or may not be one of my FAVORITE engagement sessions to date! Hank & Hannah are such a sweet couple. She actually won this engagement session in a drawing I did at a bridal show last fall. We scheduled their session to take place at Grace Meadow Farms in Jonesborough, TN. Oh. My. WORD! This venue is breathtaking! Oh, and did I mention that they have the cutest love story?!?


Hank & Hannah met while taking art classes at a local community center! SWOON! They just both decided they wanted to take a painting class, and boom! They found each other and fell in love 😍


Can we talk about how AMAZING these trees are?! I’m pretty sure they’re Dogwoods ( don’t quote me on that). They were the perfect addition to this sprint session.


So, Grace Meadows Farm has this beautiful dock on their pond. You can get MARRIED HERE. What?!!? Yes please! Maybe I’ll have my vow renewal on the water? 🙂


Funny story. I am TERRIFIED of geese. Like, not as bad as spiders, but I DON’T LIKE THEM. My mother-in-law has geese and it NEVER fails that every time they’re around, they yell at me and CHASE ME. I don’t run. If I see geese, I run. and kick. and yell back at them. They’re lucky they kept they’re distance. 🤣


This is my FAVORITE image from the shoot 😍

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Alissa J Moore


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