A Wedding Day Full of Surprises at Pleasant Hill Vineyards

I was so blessed to be able to shoot such an incredible outdoor wedding a few weeks ago at Pleasant Hill Vineyards in Knoxville. This venue was absolutely stunning. From the vineyard leaves to a ceremony site below towering trees. The weather could not have been any more beautiful with a cloudless sky and full sun shining on every smiling face! This wedding with David and Jessica was FULL of happy surprises and elegance at this chic countryside venue. From Jessica’s thoughtful handmade invitations to a beautiful dress of lace, the simple ceremony was the first great adventure in the new couple’s lives together.

As if the exciting bridal party and joyful ceremony weren’t enough, I arrived to be told by the mother of the groom that the Cox couple would be expecting a baby boy next year! As ecstatic as I was to learn of this, (because I have a baby boy and it is the BEST) I had to be careful to keep the gender of the baby a secret throughout the entire day. This was because, to everyone’s surprise, the wedding cake cutting would reveal the gender of the baby! It was so moving to be told this secret on the day of the wedding and to know that Jessica and David had an incredible day in store for them. All day, I caught myself almost spoiling the baby’s gender surprise in my excitement at seeing such a happy couple on a day made even more special as they announced a member to their brand new family. Seeing the blue cake brought tears to every eye at the reception and was sure to make another beautiful memory for an already breathtaking day. I feel so grateful to have been able to share in this announcement and shoot such a remarkable surprise for the couple.

Jesscia and David decided to do a first look before the ceremony and found another surprise waiting for them. I knew that a first look would be the perfect way for Jessica and David to share a special, private moment between them before they met with their family at the altar for a stunning ceremony. This first look would also ease some nervousness on their big day! The elegant lace wedding dress that Jessica wore on their big day was not the dress she intended to walk down the aisle in her bridal party’s matching burgundy vans. Her initial dress was swapped for the lace and tulle of this new mother to be, but the first dress still got its time to shine when the groom’s brother, Jacob, put it on for a most memorable first look full of laughs from the bridal party. Seeing the surprise on David’s face was absolutely hilarious but the emotion and love when he saw Jessica in her stunning wedding dress made for a lasting memory, if not a couple great shots as well. Certainly, the first look brought plenty of joy and passion to this radiant couple’s day at the vineyard. 

Jessica & David, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your big day. The joy present at your sunny wedding in the vineyard made for a spectacular day, but the many surprises and laughs made the occasion all the more special. I was so impressed by the incredible outdoor venue and the quaint decor of this wedding. I will cherish the memories made with the new Cox family always! 




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