Jake & Kera | Engagement Session at Beauty Spot Gap

This sweet AJPCouple holds a special place in my heart. If you weren’t following me on Instagram back when they got engaged, then you don’t know about their amazing proposal story! Last December Jacob’s sweet momma called me and told me that he was planning on proposing to his sweet girlfriend the next day and asked if I was available to capture this special moment. OF COURSE I said yes, because surprise proposals hold a special place in my heart! I met Jacob at his house the night before to work out all of the kinks and make sure we had the plan set in place. But the thing about his house was, they were still building it! They had the inside framed, but most of the drywall wasn’t even up yet! So where was I supposed to hide? Well, I found a little hole which is now a closet that he put some plywood in so she couldn’t see me… we had this planned perfectly!

So I arrived the next night and he had a christmas tree and some christmas lights set up for her when they arrived. He texted me when he was on his way and I got in position. Did I mention I was like 6 months pregnant? Yeah, so imagine me squeezed in my little hole, trying to not breath too loud and being super pregnant. Oh, and of course I couldn’t use flash because that would be a dead giveaway. So once they pulled in my heart was RACING. They came in and exchanged a few gifts and then he gave her a gift that was a sign (I think it said MR. & MRS. if I remember right) and then he got down on one knee!

I have NO CLUE how on earth she didn’t hear my shutter but It was a success! So I gave them a few minutes & he said ” I have one more surprise for you…” and then I came out of the closet. Y’all I have never felt more awkward. I was like.. heyyyy! And she was like.. WHO IS THIS AND WHY IS SHE IN OUR HOUSE 😅 Then I ran over and hugged her and said congratulations and I’m pretty sure I freaked her out BUT as soon as we started chatting and being excited together, I knew she was meant to be an AJPBride!

In March, I had my sweet baby boy Mason. Kera & Jake’s mom handmade an embroidered blanket and sent it to us with his name on it! I literally cried. It is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, and we use it every single day. I just had to add this in there to show you what AMAZING people this family is!

So fast forward to May 2020, we scheduled their engagement session and you guys. It was AMAZING! I’m in LOVE with the Beauty Spot in Erwin, TN. The hike isn’t too bad and the views are stunning. Sadly we didn’t have too much glow because it was about to pour (see the clouds?) but we made it happen! I was finishing up their last few images when it started raining, but I am so happy we got to get it all done before it began!

Kera & Jake, I am SO excited and blessed to have you both as an AJPCouple! You are so sweet, fun & just amazing. I cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year! Love you guys bunches! I hope you love your gallery ❤️


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