Mr & Mrs. Warren

I met Marina at one of my favorite weddings back in June. She was one of Kasey’s bridesmaids, and I just fell in love with her from the moment I met her in the bridal suite. Kasey & all of her bridesmaids were the SWEETEST! So when Marina asked me if I would shoot her wedding, I was ecstatic! Not only did I get to see her again, but I got to see Kasey & Erica, too! It was so amazing to reunite with Thomas and Marina on their beautiful wedding day! Their unity ceremonies, food, cake, ICE CREAM TRUCK, the weather and their bridal party, it was all amazing!!

They had originally hired one of their friends to shoot their wedding, so I was excited to be able to work along side him. He was so accommodating and accepting! As I’m typing this, I’m thinking back on the whole day and I have to say that my favorite moments were between Thomas & Marina, were in the private prayer garden, just the four of us. I could see when they looked at each other that it had really sunk in…. THEY WERE MARRIED!

Another favorite, was their unity ceremonies. They did THREE! Each one just as beautiful as the last. They first sang a worship song. The entire congregation stood and sang with them, and it was beautiful. Next, was my favorite; the foot washing ceremony. This was actually my first, and I absolutely LOVED every minute! It was so beautiful & intimate. Lastly, they tied the three chords that represented the bride, groom & God. While I was photographing this, I kept thinking about how they would hang it somewhere in their home & look at it for years to come.

It was such an honor to be the one who captured one of the most special days of their life! I love my job and I love this sweet couple! Congratulations to the newlyweds! I are so excited for you, & I hope you’re loving life as newlyweds. Have a great time relaxing in Orlando this week without a care in the world!!!

P.S.- There is an image in their bridal portraits that is totally NOT MY STYLE, but I LOVE IT! It’s almost a dark & moody portrait, which is never what I go for. I hardly ever have enough time to get creative with light but I did today. I really love this bridal portrait! Let me know what you think 😍


Alissa J Moore


  • Venue: Fellowship Chapel
  • Makeup : Kasey Allen (an AJP Bride & MaryKay consultant! She’s TALENTED y’all!!)
  • Hair Stylist: Erica Leonard
  • Cake and cupcakes: Mary Schucht
  • Caterer and dress alterations: Kathy Kaylor
  • Wedding dress: YWCA
  • Bridesmaids dresses: NeeSee’s Dresses


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