Boho Chic Wedding at The Waterstone

Get ready…This blog post is going to be a novel!

I met Kasey & Zach last fall at a bridal show. The first thing I noticed about them is how in love they were! It was so obvious. I was so excited when they decided to book me, and after hearing details of their wedding I couldn’t wait! We did their engagement portraits in March & I knew we were going to have a blast on their wedding day. I wasn’t wrong! Everything about their day was beautiful and perfect. They were actually the second couple to get married at this brand new venue! The Waterstone in Johnson City was everything I expected & more. It was stunning.

So here are a few fun facts for you…

  1. Kasey is a Mary Kay consultant & did her own makeup for her wedding day! It was absolutely perfect, I was so impressed!
  2. The watch that Zach is wearing was given to him by Kasey on their one year dating anniversary! I love the quote on the inside, “You’re my forever” SWOON! 😍
  3. Kasey & I wear the same size shoe (and it isn’t a common size!)

If I am being completely transparent here, I have never cried so many times at one of my client’s weddings. There were so many beautiful moments, it was so hard not to honestly. Before they even started their ceremony, they had all of their parents & grandparents come up and pray. It was seriously so sweet ❀️

They had their vows to each other written in the cutest vow booklets. Their words to each other were so beautiful & kind, I couldn’t help but to tear up! It is so obvious how in love with each other they are & how present God is in their relationship. They are total relationship GOALS!

For their unity ceremony, they chose to sing a song of worship with all of their family & friends. It was so beautiful. Everyone was singing and it was such a sweet moment. Once they sealed their marriage with a kiss, they full on danced down the aisle! It was the best recessional I’ve seen so far!

This bridal party was one of the funnest group of people I have met! The ladies were so sweet & helpful and the guys were just a bunch of clowns! In a good way, of course πŸ˜‰

Their bridal party included siblings from both sides. Kasey’s Maid of Honor was Kaitlyn, her sister. Two of the four groomsmen were Zach’s brothers as well. All of the others in the bridal party were lifelong friends. I love asking when/how they met. Tiffany, one of the bridesmaids, is married to her Pastor, who of course officiated the wedding!

Also, Marina (I know, what a cool name!) is one of Kasey’s best friends from Middle School and she is also an #AJPBride!

Their Bridal portraits are seriously some of my FAVORITE portraits to date. Their love shines through in every portrait, and I love them all ❀️

P.S. There is a certain photo in a few scrolls that Kasey is going to kill me for posting, but it’s adorable and I had to πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Sorry girl!

Their reception was such a blast! Not only was the food & cake absolutely delicious, they had so much to do! They had a live band, cornhole / bean bag toss, a vintage camper photo booth ( I died a little over this one) and of course bouquet & garter tosses!

Make sure to take a good look at all of the reception details. You can tell they worked hard on them. Everything was literally perfect. Instead of a guestbook, they had a guest quilt!! Oh my goodness, it was the cutest! The guests could write on the quilt squares, and they’re going to have them sewn together to make a quilt ❀️ Does anyone else want a one year anniversary session featuring this quilt?! I do!

I cannot say enough amazing things about this camper. I am in LOVVEEE! I seriously need this at all of my weddings. This is actually Kasey’s mom & dad’s camper! They rent it out for events & it was so much fun! Can you find me in the camper photos? 😘

The bouquet toss went perfect, but the garter toss? Not so much. Zach, you’re my bud but you can’t toss a garter to save your life 🀣It only took 4 times to get it into someone’s hands? Haha, we got it though!

We finished off the night with a sparker exit & had a little fun with some of the ones that were still lit at the end. Thankfully no one caught on fire πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Zach & Kasey,

I hope you have happiness for years to come! You are both so humble and sweet, I am so blessed to have met the both of you ❀️

xoxo, Alissa ❀️


Dress: Annie’s Room
Venue: Waterstone venue
Tux: Moon Tuxedo
Bridesmaids Dresses: Agape Apparel
Rings: Zales Camper: Husky Mtn Events
Florist: Food City
Special thanks to my associate photographer, Leslie Black with Leslie Black Photography for second shooting today’s wedding! I don’t know what I would have done without you β€οΈ


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