Nashville Mountaintop Engagement

I cannot say enough sweet things about this couple and their fur babies!  They’re getting married in October at the Nolichuckey Vineyards in Russelville, Tn. The venue they chose is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s in my favorite season! They’re evening including their fur babies in their wedding, so I couldn’t be more excited!  
In May, Zach & Alyssa allowed me to come to their home town of Nashville to shoot their engagement portraits. They wanted them done in a park right outside of Nashville in a place called Kingston Springs. We met at Harpeth River State Park and hiked up the mountain to a breathtaking lookout. Holy cow. It was so worth the hike! Although, I am still baffled that Alyssa was able to hike in sandles and a dress…I was extremely impressed. Haha
One thing I love about my #AJPCouples, is their love stories. They have the best love & proposal stories, and I love sharing them! When Zach and I were talking about their big day, I just had to ask… How did you propose?!  This is how he responded.
“We went to keystone Colorado for a snowboarding trip as we both grew up snowboarding in the east coast and always have wanted to go west. Proposing had been on my mind since we had lived together for over a year at that point, and I had the money to buy a ring and figured doing it on our trip would be unique. So, we went to the highest peak at keystone resort on our first day of the trip, and I dropped on one knee!” SWOON! Am I right?! He even sent me a photo and oh my! It looked absolutely perfect. 
I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I do!


Alissa J Moore




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