January 2019 Favorites

Can you believe January 2019 is almost over?!? I decided as one of my business goals for this year to post a monthly favorites segment on the blog! I want to be able to look back in a few years & remember things I was loving at the time. Of course, I have to share them with you all as well! Maybe you will find a few things you’ll want to try out? I hope you enjoy!

  1. The best & hardest thing that happened this month, was my daughter turning one. ONE. How is this even possible?! I remember when she was born, and it doesn’t seem like it was over 365 days ago. In the beginning of January, we did her “Cake” Smash, and it didn’t disappoint! I love this little pumpkin with all of my heart, and I am so happy I have a job where I can share her photos with all of my favorite people (you of course)!


2. I also signed up for the Pink Bride show this month! Of course, it isn’t until February 3rd, but I signed up in January so it still counts, right? 😉 I am so beyond excited for this opportunity to meet so many potential #AJPCouples & other vendors. I won’t lie, I have been stressing a little over the look of my booth. I want it to perfectly represent the #AJPBrand, but it’s a little hard to do in a huge (and drab) convention center. Stay tuned for February Favorites to see how the booth turned out!


3.  Okay. Please don’t judge me too hard, but another thing I have absolutely been loving the Milwaukee Vacuum Cleaner. My husband convinced me to buy this, although I was hesitant in the beginning. Let’s be honest, I know he only wanted it because of the name, Milwaukee. He is OBSESSED with all of their tools. I let him buy it, and oh wow am I glad I did! I have vacuumed litter, our mattress, nooks & crannies, the couch, our cars, etc. with it! Well… he vacuumed our cars. It’s too cold out for me to be outside more than necessary!


So here are my January favorites! I will try for 5 favorites next month, but for now I will just stick with 3. I hope you’ve enjoyed the three things I have been loving this month! Talk to you soon 💕


Alissa 💕


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